CENTURION Mini Product Catalogue

Friday 5 May 2017

18 Hidden Gem Features of the D5-Evo!

Copyright: toa55 / 123RF Stock Photo
Did you know that basketball superstar Kobe Bryant is completely fluent in Italian? Or that actor Steve Buscemi, famous for playing odd-ball characters in neo noir films such as Fargo and Reservoir Dogs, used to be a New York City firefighter? We bet you also didn’t know that controversial talk-show host Jerry Springer was, once upon a time, the mayor of Cincinnati, or that actress Natalie Portman has been published in not one but two scientific journals – and is a Harvard alumnus!

The point we’re trying to make is that it’s easy to get caught up in someone’s – or something’s – more obvious attributes even though there might be some truly amazing things that you might not even be aware of.

Similarly, our superstar sliding gate motor, the D5-Evo, has some much-touted features such as its intelligent LCD interface and sophisticated motor control circuitry. But instead of going down that well-trodden path, this article will focus on some of the lesser-known (but no less impressive) features of CENTURION’s flagship operator. It will explore those hidden gems that you might not necessarily be aware of, but that have positioned the D5-Evo in a league of its own and, eight years since its official release, still reigning at the apex of sliding gate automation.

Gearbox features

• Doped with a fire-retardant chemical agent ensuring that, in the unlikely event that a fire breaks out, it will be contained
• A solid metal gear provides superior anti-break-in strength
• The gears have been submerged in an oil bath for long-term reliability
• The worm-shaft is thread-rolled ensuring a smoother running surface
• The worm is supported by bearing at the top and bottom for added strength
• There is a coupling between the motor drive and the worm-shaft to rule out any chance of misalignment
• Six mounting screws secure the locating flange for the worm, providing strength against the gate being forced


• The switch-mode charger runs “cool” and ensures continued operation during brown-out conditions as low as 90V


• Only requires a single action to secure – saves time


• Convenient jacking bolts for easy adjustment

Intelligent LCD interface

• Easy setup via the wizard and visual feedback and information
• Sealed housing to prevent ingress of dirt, moisture and vermin
• Removable connectors for easy maintenance
• Audible feedback via onboard buzzer
• LEDs for easy fault-finding
• Adjustable speed
• Standard safety and sensitivity settings
• 80+ features onboard


  1. Also the most popular gate motor to steal. Almost impossible to secure against theft, except to encase in concrete.

  2. Or fit it underground. Requires some modification of the base plate and drive train.