CENTURION Mini Product Catalogue

Monday 27 March 2017

6 of the Best Italian Inventions

Copyright: ekaterinabelova / 123RF Stock Photo
The mere mention of Italy conjures up images of quaint, cobblestoned streets, gorgeous villas and breathtaking architecture steeped in history from the Age of Enlightenment. This tiny Mediterranean country has given us Giorgio Armani suits and some of the finest luxury sports cars that the automotive world has to offer. 

This week, we have the privilege of hosting five directors from our parent company, FAAC, headquartered in Bologna. In honour of their visit, here are six of the best Italian inventions:


One of many expressive art forms to be born from the Renaissance – a period of artistic, spiritual and scientific awakening in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries – ballet was invented and performed for the first time in Florence.

The espresso machine

Enjoying that cup of Joe this morning? Turns out we have the Italians to thank for that, too! The espresso machine was invented in 1903 by a man called Luigi Bezzera in an effort to speed up the coffee-making process. Luigi, thank you for making mornings bearable! We owe you an eternal debt of gratitude.

The induction motor

The Italians have given us some truly great inventions in the fields of science and technology, and few have been more influential than the induction motor. Invented by Galileo Ferraris in 1885, the induction motor is an AC electric motor that uses electromagnetic induction to generate current which in turn produces torque.


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That’s right, arguably the most popular item of clothing is, in fact, another Italian invention. The very first pair of jeans originated from the City of Genoa. Can you imagine countless cowboys and rockers strutting their stuff in corduroys? We didn’t think so.


It is nearly impossible to imagine a life without batteries. We use them in our mobile phones, laptop computers and various other everyday appliances (including our gate motors!) and enjoy the autonomy provided by history’s most robust and enduring power storage device. The very first electromechanical battery, the voltaic pile, was built by Alessandro Volta (who else?) in 1800.
Copyright: vladru / 123RF Stock Photo
The FAAC bollard

While the bollard itself might not be an Italian invention (the origins of this traffic control device are somewhat obscure, but it seems to have its roots in maritime equipment), FAAC's contribution is a homage to good old-fashioned engineering excellence and emphasises robustness and durability. The design of FAAC's bollards bespeaks Italian flair combined with an all-round beefiness that makes them suitable for virtually any traffic control application. 

Monday 20 March 2017

Keep Important Settings Safe and Secure with CENTURION's Memory Module

No fewer than 80 programmable features can be found on a D-Series controller, ranging from high-security features such as the beam alarms, to intelligent timer functionality and safety enhancements.
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As someone with an obvious proclivity for fragrant cooking once said, variety is the spice of life. If that is indeed the case, then the D-Series range of gate operators offers a flavoursome spread that is guaranteed to entice even the most refined of palates; a delicate pairing of futuristic technology and user-centric intuitiveness with a soupcon of old-school durability

This vast array of settings can be problematic, however, should the day ever come that one has to replace an existing controller and transfer all of its settings to a new unit. Was Autoclose enabled? What was the operating speed set at? Was there a pre-delay configured?

As a special tie-in with our Service Exchange Programme, we’re relaunching our must-have Backup Memory Module with a stylish new look and durable enclosure. If you regularly install and service CENTURION D-Series gate motors, this is one accessory you simply can’t afford to be without.

Above: the CENTURION Backup Memory Module
Use the Backup Memory Module to effortlessly back up important settings, ChronoGuard time-periods and even remote buttons and restore them on a new or existing controller just as easily. The module simply plugs into the controller’s BID port (where the DOSS harness is usually connected) and works in much the same fashion as a memory stick, but has been specially designed to keep settings configured on your D5-Evo, D10, D10 Turbo or SECTOR/SECTOR II safe and secure.

And it’s supremely easy to use! For more information, please visit our website or order your CENTURION Backup Memory Module today by giving us a call on +27 11 699 2510.

Friday 17 March 2017

5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better Tonight

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Fact: sleep is good for you. It ranks right up there alongside drinking plenty of water and not forgetting your wife’s birthday under the category “things that will make you live longer”. Getting enough sleep improves focus, helps with stress and yes, it can even increase longevity according to some studies. The optimal number of hours of quality sleep required depends largely on one’s age and unique genetic composition, but most experts place the figure at between 7 and 9 hours for a healthy adult. 

It is also important that the sleep you do get is sufficiently deep and restful in order for it to be considered beneficial. So-called “light” (or non-REM, stage 1 and stage 2) sleeping, tossing and turning and frequent waking does not constitute quality sleep, and is likely to leave you feeling tired and agitated the next day.

But, with the mounting pressures and worries of everyday life – work, money, relationships – many of us may find quality sleep eluding us and consequently our health and overall performance of daily tasks are affected in a negative way.

Here are some tried and tested tips for getting a good night’s rest.

Take it easy on the caffeine

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Caffeine (the active ingredient in coffee) is a powerful central nervous system stimulant, which means that it has a “perking up” effect, making a person feel more awake and alert. The problem is that, if you overdo it or enjoy coffee too close to bedtime, your CNS will become overstimulated, you’ll become “wired” and find it difficult to “switch off” and fall asleep. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that caffeine is only found in coffee. Some tea varietals and even chocolate contain considerable amounts of the substance!

Do some light exercise

The health benefits of exercising have been well-documented. From improving cardio-vascular performance to burning fat, there aren’t too many cases to be made against hitting the gym! But did you know that getting the blood pumping an hour or two before bedtime can actually help you sleep better? Experts caution against exercising too close to bedtime, however, as your breathing and heartrate may require some time to return to normal levels.

Stick to a sleep schedule

Our bodies love routine, and severe deviations from our daily schedules have the tendency to jolt the system and disturb our bodies’ equilibrium. Try to go to bed and wake up at more or less the same time every day to keep your body – and mind - happy.

When you switch off, really switch off

This is becoming increasingly difficult to do in a technology-driven and obsessed society. Even when the lights are off, cellphones, tablets and television sets cast their spectral glow and remind us that we’re never truly disconnected from the world. This, as it turns out, is not a good thing. How many of us can truthfully say that we don’t use our mobile devices in bed, checking emails, chatting, playing games, etc.? As difficult as it may be, we need to condition ourselves to completely switch off the moment that we get into bed.

Stop worrying

Because it’s that easy, right? Not quite. Worry is one of the leading causes of not getting proper sleep, and contributes to a plethora of other health issues including strokes and heart attacks, stomach ulcers and, according to some studies, even cancer. Excessive worrying also leads to a compromised immune system, which essentially means that your body lets down its guard. There are plenty of ways to tackle excessive stress such as meditation, exercise and, in extreme cases, seeking professional help.

We care about your peace of mind! Don’t lose sleep worrying whether your gate motor will be there in the morning. Fit a theft-resistant cage from the leaders in access automation.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Press Release: CENTURION Launches Service Exchange Programme

Centurion Systems has launched an exciting and innovative initiative geared towards drastically reducing client downtime as well as expediting repair turnaround.

Dubbed the CENTURION Service Exchange Programme, the initiative is set to take the industry by storm, and is based on the following basic model:

1. The installer is called to site by the client, and assesses the nature and category of the repair job by referring to the criteria as set out by Centurion Systems.

2. The installer then quotes the client based on the category into which the job is likely to fall.

3. If the client accepts, the installer takes the part, or parts, in need of repair to his nearest CENTURION distributor or branch where a supplementary assessment is performed by a service technician to ensure that the installer quoted his client correctly.

4. Finally, the technician issues the installer or distributor with a service exchange unit and the installer is sent on his way to install the service exchange unit at the client’s place of residence or business, as the case may be.

Whereas in the past clients would have had to wait up to a week for their gate system to be returned to service, the entire process – from the initial call-out to having the gate up and running – can now take as little as an hour or two. CENTURION has identified an area in the repair process in which there is considerable room for improvement, and the Service Exchange Programme is the company’s reply to the market’s pronounced requirement for expeditious turnaround times.
Centurion Systems national branch manager, Johan Lessing

“We are very excited about this initiative,” says CENTURION national branch manager Johan Lessing, who played a key role in developing the programme. “When a client has to wait several days for a repair quote, and then wait several more days for the job to be completed, it is not only inconvenient, but leaves the gate vulnerable and the site’s security compromised. With the Service Exchange Programme, we are able to offer lightning-fast turnaround, leading to increased customer satisfaction which will hopefully have the knock-on effect of generating more business for our installer-base”.

Lessing added that, while only the D5-Evo sliding gate motor will form part of the pilot programme, the company has every intention of extending the initiative to other products once it has properly taken off.

“The [D5-] Evo being South Africa's favourite gate motor, it just made sense to trial [the programme] with this motor”.

CENTURION has also released a series of instructional YouTube videos explaining the programme as well as how to accurately quote clients when making use of the Service Exchange Programme.

Monday 6 March 2017

Fantastic Installations and Where to Find Them

Back in 2001, all of fandom rejoiced as bestselling fantasy novelist J.K. Rowling announced that she was penning a new novel in the Harry Potter canon – a prequel of sorts this time – called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and last year the book was adapted for the big screen and joined the pantheon of films that are the reason that Miss Rowling lives in a castle. But I digress. 

The story follows the fantastically-named Newt Scamander (which also happens to be the nom de plume that Rowling used when she wrote the novel), a writer and renowned purveyor of all things mythical, as he travels to 1920s New York in search of more fantastic beasts to document in his authoritative work. However, chaos ensues when several creatures escape from Newt’s magically-expanding suitcase and the protagonist must do everything in his power to stop the two worlds that exist side-by-side from colliding.

While we certainly don’t claim to be experts on finding fantastic beasts (the Kruger National Park is probably a good place to begin one’s search), we do know where to find a fantastic access automation installation, or three, as evidenced by these winning sites from around South Africa. 

Automated pool deck

What: A 5300mm x 3400mm wooden pool deck fully automated using a sliding gate motor

Where: Lichtenburg, Northwest Province, South Africa

The hardware: 1 x CENTURION D5-Evo 500kg sliding gate motor

Installer: JD Elektries, Lichtenburg jd@jdelektries.co.za 

Stargazing bed on rails

What: A fully-automated, retractable stargazing bed on which to whisper sweet nothings into your beloved’s ear under a bejeweled night sky with the gentle murmur of the Vaal as background music

Where: On the Vaal river near Parys, Free State, South Africa

The hardware:
1 x CENTURION D5-Evo 500kg sliding gate motor

Installer: Derk van den Brink dmvandenbrink@gmail.com

Moving targets

What: Exactly what the name says

The Mpumalanga traffic department training college, Mpumalanga, South Africa

The hardware:
8 x D2 Turbo 250kg sliding gate motors

Installer: Pulse Electronics, Nelspruit pulse.electronics@vodamail.co.za