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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Press Release: CENTURION Launches Service Exchange Programme

Centurion Systems has launched an exciting and innovative initiative geared towards drastically reducing client downtime as well as expediting repair turnaround.

Dubbed the CENTURION Service Exchange Programme, the initiative is set to take the industry by storm, and is based on the following basic model:

1. The installer is called to site by the client, and assesses the nature and category of the repair job by referring to the criteria as set out by Centurion Systems.

2. The installer then quotes the client based on the category into which the job is likely to fall.

3. If the client accepts, the installer takes the part, or parts, in need of repair to his nearest CENTURION distributor or branch where a supplementary assessment is performed by a service technician to ensure that the installer quoted his client correctly.

4. Finally, the technician issues the installer or distributor with a service exchange unit and the installer is sent on his way to install the service exchange unit at the client’s place of residence or business, as the case may be.

Whereas in the past clients would have had to wait up to a week for their gate system to be returned to service, the entire process – from the initial call-out to having the gate up and running – can now take as little as an hour or two. CENTURION has identified an area in the repair process in which there is considerable room for improvement, and the Service Exchange Programme is the company’s reply to the market’s pronounced requirement for expeditious turnaround times.
Centurion Systems national branch manager, Johan Lessing

“We are very excited about this initiative,” says CENTURION national branch manager Johan Lessing, who played a key role in developing the programme. “When a client has to wait several days for a repair quote, and then wait several more days for the job to be completed, it is not only inconvenient, but leaves the gate vulnerable and the site’s security compromised. With the Service Exchange Programme, we are able to offer lightning-fast turnaround, leading to increased customer satisfaction which will hopefully have the knock-on effect of generating more business for our installer-base”.

Lessing added that, while only the D5-Evo sliding gate motor will form part of the pilot programme, the company has every intention of extending the initiative to other products once it has properly taken off.

“The [D5-] Evo being South Africa's favourite gate motor, it just made sense to trial [the programme] with this motor”.

CENTURION has also released a series of instructional YouTube videos explaining the programme as well as how to accurately quote clients when making use of the Service Exchange Programme.

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  1. Good idea but must we bring motor to centurion or can scw also do this