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Tuesday 16 May 2017

What to do with All Your Free Time (Now That You’re Using the Service Exchange Programme)

Now that you’re getting so much more done thanks to our innovative D5-Evo Service Exchange Programme, you may be finding yourself at a bit of a loss with regards to what to do with all that extra time. Don’t worry, your friends here at Centurion Systems have done the requisite research and come up with a list of five things that you can do to pass those idle hours.

Binge-watch all seven seasons of Game of Thrones

With season 8 of the acclaimed fantasy series slated for an August release, there’s never been a better time to catch up on the lives of the people of Westeros. Who’s still alive? Who’s dead? Who’s been disloyal to whom? Will the remaining Starks avenge the deaths of their family members? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: there will be blood, and plenty of it!

Learn a language
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South Africa is a flavoursome smorgasbord (itself a Swedish word meaning “plate of sandwiches”) of diverse cultures and languages. In addition to the country’s eleven official languages, South Africa is home to speakers of Greek, Portuguese, Lebanese, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi and Tamil to name but a few. Learning a new language is not only a great way to pass the time, but it will also expose you to new and interesting cultures and ways of life and you’re guaranteed to find it an immensely enriching experience. Check out this fantastic app that makes learning a new language easy and fun.

Take up a hobby

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, goes the popular saying (which was made decidedly creepy by Jack Nicholson in The Shining). A good work-life balance is important. Whether you’ve always had aspirations of picking up the guitar or the siren song of nature has you reaching for the fly-fishing rod, taking up a hobby can be tremendously satisfying and will also help you unwind.

Hit the gym

The human brain is an incredible thing. Not only is it a super-computer that coordinates every little thing we do, it is also home to a reserve of “feel-good chemicals” known as endorphins. These endorphins are released under very specific conditions, and tend to make a person experience feelings of euphoria and wellbeing. One way to get the endorphins pumping is by doing cardiovascular exercise such as running on a treadmill or cycling – and there’s the added benefit that exercise is great for one’s overall health and also aids in weight-loss. There aren’t too many good reasons not to exercise.

Attend one of our famous training courses

Acquiring a new skill – or perfecting an existing one – is arguably one of the most gratifying experiences one can have in life. There is an incredible sense of accomplishment that comes with being able to do something that you weren’t able to do before, and this experience of self-actualisation can become quite addictive!

Our extensive range of product training courses have been developed by professional educators with many years’ experience to equip you with the necessary skills to install, sell and support CENTURION’s access automation solutions. Book your spot now!


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