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Thursday 30 August 2012

4 Reasons Your Home Security Should Be Wireless

Back in the early days of advertising, the convention was to write copious amounts of text about the product or service being advertised; in fact, famed copywriter and media mogul David Ogilvy was renowned for writing thousands of words of copy for a single advertisement.  The logic behind this was that the more there was to say about a product, the better the product. 

However, those currently working in media will attest to the fact that clarity and concision is favoured in modern advertising.  Short, punchy points that get to the point quickly are far more likely to grab a reader’s attention than long, text-heavy treatise.
You may be forgiven for wondering at this stage what this seemingly arbitrary fact has to do with security.

Well, in the days of yore it was the general perception that the more wires a security system had running from it – Medusa-like – the more sophisticated the system was likely to be.  For certainly a device that necessitated an abundance of wires must be an exceptionally advanced one.  It stands to reason.

Wrong.  A wireless security infrastructure not only offers the same functionality as its hard-wired counterparts, but in many ways it provides benefits – both from a security and a convenience perspective – that can simply not be matched by hard-wired devices.

So, without further ado, here are 5 Reasons Your Home Security should be Wireless.

1.       You Save on Costs
Fact:  Cable is expensive.  And if you’re planning on installing something like an access control keypad that needs to interface with several peripheral devices (for e.g. a gate motor, alarm system, swimming pool pump, etc.) the cabling alone can amass quite a bill.

Of course, the cost of the cable is the least of your woes, as you’ll no-doubt discover when the bill arrives.   Cabling is a labour-intensive process, and as such is likely to keep the meter rolling longer than it would if you opt for a wireless access control solution that can simply be mounted on the wall, paired with the desired devices (this is done over the air usually using RF technology) and set to work guarding your property.

2.       Your Property is left Unscathed
Few things in life are more disheartening than seeing your property defaced – especially when you’re paying good money to have it done!  And extensive wiring almost invariably leads to holes being drilled and driveways being dug up.

Think of an automated gate.  Naturally, you would want to fit infrared gate safety beams on either side of the driveway to prevent unintended gate closure which could lead to injury and property damage (and in some jurisdictions it is a mandate of law to have beams co-installed with a gate motor).  Beams are highly effective, but often necessitate running cable between the transmitter and receiver across the driveway.  The result: a maimed driveway and more bills.
Wireless beams can simply be attached and aligned, saving you time and money and leaving your property intact.

3.       Wireless = Improved Security
Criminals have been known to go to great lengths to get what they want, with some of them even fancying themselves tech boffins.  This is incredibly grave news for the home and business owner who for long thought their properties exempt from intrusion by virtue of hi-tech security systems.  Using their newly-acquired electronic skills, evildoers have learned how to short-circuit wires to trigger access control systems and gain entry.

Again, a wireless security system solves this problem.  The absence of physical wires means that there is nothing for criminals to short out and, until criminals figure out a way to manipulate the airwaves (which we can only hope will not happen for the next several hundred years, if ever), your property is safe. 

4.       You Have More Freedom
Masses of cable can be quite restrictive and generally dictates where you are able to mount your access control or security device.  Thanks to wireless technology, equipment can be mounted where it is well out of reach of criminals and works best from an aesthetics point of view.


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