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Tuesday 24 April 2012

How To Assign Your CENTURION G-SWITCH To Your Profile

In retrospect, it almost seems that when the celebrated sci-fi author Isaac Asimov said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, he had the G-SWITCH-22 in mind. 
This multi-faceted GSM-module took the world by storm when it was first introduced to an eager public in 2011, and it continues to impress by putting unsurpassed convenience quite literally at the user's fingertips.  Historically laborious tasks such as arming alarms or switching on pool pumps became, with the advent of the G-SWITCH-22, as easy as initiating a missed call from your mobile phone or land line, while the unit's dual inputs allow for the monitoring of any number of electrical devices.  We daresay the airwaves will never be the same!

CENTURION has always had a reputation for taking the very concepts of security and convenience to the next level and, for exactly that reason, the G-WEB interface was created; using the might of the Internet to make the adding, editing and deleting of users and modules even simpler than before.  G-WEB is password-protected and allows for the uploading of detailed transaction logs for improved security.
What follows below is a brief tutorial on how to load G-SWITCH modules to your profile as well as how to add users to a module using G-WEB.

1.       Register

Before you can assign a G-SWITCH module to your profile, you need to register on the Centurion Systems website www.centsys.co.za.

To do this, simply navigate your browser to our Home Page, and click on the Log in tab at the far right of the screen.  A dropdown menu will then appear prompting you to either register or log in.  Select Register here and fill in all the required fields. 

Centurion Systems Home Page

Once you have completed this simple registration process, your profile will be registered on our website.

2.       Log onto G-WEB
After registering, you can immediately log onto the G-WEB interface which will take you to the Members Home screen pictured below. 

Centurion Systems Members Home

3.       Access the online user interface
On the Members Home screen, three options will be displayed.  Click on the second option, which will be access the online user interface.  This action will take you to the G-SWITCH main screen.  A grey field will be displayed with the text “No modules associated with this user”.


4.       Enter the G-SWITCH and IMEI numbers
Fill in the required fields for the G-SWITCH mobile number as well as the unique IMEI number of the unit.  The mobile number will be the number of the SIM card presently inserted in the G-SWITCH module, while the IMEI number is generally displayed on a sticker found on the onboard GSM module (which will be silver in colour).  If you don’t know the IMEI number offhand, simply send the command string p.xxxx.co.imei (where xxxx is the G-SWITCH password) to the module using a standard text message. 

Click on the Next button.

USEFUL TIP:  Remember to enter the G-SWITCH mobile number in the international format!

5.       Select your mobile operator
You will now be asked whether the correct mobile operator (for e.g. Cell C or Vodacom) has been detected.  If it has, select Yes.  If not, click on No and select the applicable country and mobile operator using the dropdown menu provided.

6.       Finish
A text-box will appear prompting you to either finish assigning the module or to first update changes.  If you haven’t made any additional changes, click on the Finish button.

The website now needs to synchronise with the module using Over-the-Air protocol.  If the connection is successful, the module will appear in a grey block towards the top of the screen.  If the website fails to connect, refer to the troubleshooting guide at the end of this tutorial.

Did you know...?

You can purchase G-WEB SMS bundles from any of our branches!  The website uses these SMSs to synchronise with associated G-SWITCH modules, and we give you 10 free SMSs for every module that you assign to your profile.  But, should you ever run out, simply drop in to your nearest CENTURION branch and pick up a bundle voucher.  They are cost-effective and we will even load them for you! 

You can also use the airtime on the G-SWITCH module's SIM card for synchronisation - just SMS the word "connect" to the module from any mobile phone and voila!, you're back in business.

Error message
Possible cause
Unable to assign a module
The G-Switch has not responded in 90 seconds
·         Incorrect mobile number  or IMEI number has been entered
·         The module is not powered up
·         The module has poor signal strength

·         Ensure that the correct mobile number has been entered in the international format, as well as the correct IMEI number.  The IMEI number can be requested by sending the command string p.xxxx.co.IMEI to the module
·         Check that the module has power
·         Check the signal strength of the module by referring to the signal strength LEDs or sending the command string p.xxxx.co.ss to the module

Please enter a valid cell phone number in international format
·         A valid cellphone number has not been entered, or the number entered does not follow the international format
·         Ensure that the number entered is a valid mobile number, and that it follows the international format, i.e. the country code followed by the number and dropping any leading zeros.  NOTE: The + sign normally preceding the number is not used in this instance

Please enter a valid IMEI number
·         A valid IMEI number has not been entered
·         Enter a valid 15-digit IMEI number
Unable to synchronise
G-Switch has not responded
·         Module is not powered up
·         Poor signal strength
·         Ensure that the G-SWITCH-22 module has power
·         Check that the module has sufficient signal strength


  1. unable to receive armed or disarmed msg on my mobile but can arm and disarm the alarm using my mobile.

    1. Hi there. Does the unit have sufficient airtime to send SMS notifications? It could also be that the inputs have been incorrectly wired or haven't been configured. Our offices are currently closed, but technicians are on standby and will be able to assist you. Please call our technical support helpline on 011 699 2481.

    2. Hi, I registered on g switch about 4 months ago, now I wanna log into my g switch it says I am not the user, what happened, I can't log into it, tried resetting my password my email address doesn't exist anymore

  2. Why I am in able to log into my on GSwitch, it says my account doesn't exist, after requesting a password reset, I haven't been able to log into it, my GSWITCH Imel number 866771026435437 Please help me Find what happen to it thanks in advance Saul

    1. Dear Saul. Thank you for your query. Kindly contact our technical support call centre on 0861 003 123 for assistance. Alternatively, you can send a support ticket to support@centsys.co.za and a technician will respond.

  3. i am trying to link the GSM to my profile. Verification message is delivered, password verified, sync sms delivered. However the 4th step fails (device unable to connect to server). what could be the issue here

    1. Hi there. Please send your query to support@centsys.co.za. Our friendly and competent technicians will be able to assist you in getting your module set up and working.

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