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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Add that extra level of security to your entrance!

In an increasingly security-conscious world, many home-owners choose to secure their automated gates with chains and padlocks at night for fear that intruders will pry the gates open using crowbars or by some equally nefarious means. This often has the unwanted side-effect of users forgetting about the padlock and consequently trying to activate the gate while the lock is still in place, causing consideraable damage.  Enter the ARMADA electric gate lock.

Gate automation is the final bastion when it comes to keeping criminals out of your property and safeguarding you and your family.  But how secure is your automated gate really?  Modern criminals will stop at nothing to get to your valuables, they have become smarter and more resourceful and a truly failsafe system is needed to ward them off.
The word “Armada” means armed.  It conjures up images of the proud and nearly indestructible Spanish naval fleet and it has always been associated with the military, with dedicated task forces, with defence.  But without the mettle to back them up these words are just that, words.  That is why the ARMADA gate lock, constructed from tough Grade 304 stainless steel and capable of withstanding up to 750kg of applied force – making it much stronger than the more traditional magnetic locks - is all the security your automated gate will ever need.  It has become all too easy for intruders to pry open both sliding and swing gates using crowbars or other instruments, and equally easy for them to simply lift your gate off the rail or bend the rack straight.   This has left many home- and business owners resorting to bulky padlocks and chains to secure their gates at night; a method that is not only unsightly and in most cases unreliable, it can also cause severe damage to  your gate motor if it is inadvertently left on and the motor activated. 

The ARMADA’s design allows for it to be incorporated into your existing swing or sliding gate, it is completely inconspicuous and as dependable as gravity!  The slam lock action means that the lock engages the moment your gate is closed, and all it takes to release it is a short pulse from your existing remote control.  Besides the amazing security and peace of mind offered by the lock, it offers a host of other features and benefits:
  • It only draws current when activated, which means there are no expensive electricity bills
  • The lock is supplied with  a key operated, failsafe manual override incorporating in case of a power failure
  • Fitting the ARMADA to sliding gates eliminates the need for anti-lift brackets
  • Stainless steel construction - ideal for coastal regions
  • Not reliant on automation – also suited for manually operated gates
  • No additional interfaces or relays necessary
  • Unlocks just before the gate is opened and re-locks when the gate closes
  • Bolt action ensures secure locking of double leaf or single leaf, swing gate systems
  • High-volume capability, so it is ideal for both residential and commercial, as either new or retrofit installations
  • Low-force lock engagement ensures reliable operation even at the tip of a wide gate
  • Models available for swing gates and sliding gates in both left hand and right hand configurations
  • 12V DC operation with optional power failure protection
  • Instant security as lock automatically engages when gate is closed
  • Optional mounting box for easy installation onto gate frame
Installers used to be wary about installing any sort of solenoid lock because of their rather dubious reputation for burning out when exposed to a long pulse, but they can now rest easy knowing that the ARMADA comes with a current limiting interface already installed. 

Armada Electric Gate Locks are available from CenturionSystems and leading security distributors.


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